Speaker System​

Features - SC-F107

Key Features

  • Newly-developed speakers... inheriting Denon’s CX concepts and technology
  • 14 cm D.D.L. cone woofer units with ventilation hole: D.D.D.(Denon Double Layer) cone with ventilation hole, to prevent the woofer cone from swelling when the air inside heats up and to maintain uniform centring of the diaphragm. By reviewing the shape of the woofer unit frame to obtain better control of air flow, DENON engineers reduced unwanted radiated sound from the edges and improved the richness of sound.
  • 2.5 cm high definition tweeter with ventilation hole: High definition tweeter with ventilation hole, to maintain uniform centring of the diaphragm and to ensure constantly ideal piston motion.
  • Crossover network, to separate woofer and tweeter to reproduces the smoothness of natural sound
  • Anti-vibration Crossbar arranged for optimum acoustics inside the cabinet
  • Born from European sound design and Denon collaboration

Color Variation

  • Black