Reference Power Amplifier (150 Watts x 10 channel)

Features - POA-A1HD

150 W Mono Block

Construction Amplifiers
  • 10-channel power amp capable of driving low-impedance speakers
  • 150 W x 10 channels (8 ohms), 300 W (4 ohms)
  • 300 W Bridgeable derive (8 ohms), 500 W (4 ohms)
  • 4 ohms guaranteed
  • THX Ultra2 certified
  • Fully separated construction for each 10 channels for all same audio quality
  • Mono block concept to amplify with best performance
  • Separate winding in power circuit for each channel
  • New amplifier circuit that shortens audio signal paths for the best audio
  • Direct Mechanical Ground to minimize mechanical vibration from transformer and radiators

High Current and

Separated Power Supply
  • 8 individual transformers to supply power to each discrete circuit
  • 4 main power transformers to drive 10 ch power amplifiers with separated coil winding for pure audio playback
  • High current diodes and capacitors to drive bridged speakers

Multi-Zone Capabilities

  • All channels of power amp can be assigned to various locations


  • Optical Control Link allowing POA-A1HD settings to be made via the AVP-A1HDA remote control unit (includes Control Link Cable: 3 m)
  • VU meters available of any channel

Downloads - POA-A1HD

pdf file
Instruction manual

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pdf file
RS-232 protocol

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pdf file
Product Information Sheet-POA_A1HD

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