AH-NCW500AH-NCW500 Noise-Cancelling On-Ear Headphones



AH-NCW500AH-NCW500<div class="ExternalClassEA61C655AF7041C98C8C997FF295919B"><div class="section bg_LinearContent2 " id="features"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 marB30"><div class="col_6 M_100 "> <hgroup class="marT25 marB25 MS_noTMar"> </hgroup> <hgroup class="f30 marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="c_PremiumBlue ff_77">WIRELESS, NOISE-CANCELLING,</h4> <h5 class="c_Black">LUXURY TRAVEL HEADPHONES</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>Denon’s Globe Cruiser™ On-Ear Headphones are luxuriously finished and provide exquisite comfort and style. Featuring a 40mm driver, an integrated amplifier, AAC and aptX decoding for CD quality audio over a wireless connection, the design’s control wheel also allows you to effortlessly control Apple® iPhone®, iPad™ or other Bluetooth devices. Incorporating advanced noise cancellation circuitry via Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless or a wired connection, Denon’s Globe Cruiser headphones actively eliminate unwanted ambient noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music, wherever you are. Denon’s pentagonal-shaped earpieces feature luxurious protein leather covers, detailed custom stitching and soft memory-foam cushions to alleviate pressure and prevent listening fatigue during extended listening. The headphones further feature a flat folding design housed in an executive leather bound travel case for ease of transport. </p></div></div> </div></div><div class="section bg_White"><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 marB30"> <div class="col_3 S_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">FEATURES</h4> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><ul class="ul ul1"><li>Denon’s noise cancelling circuitry blocks out ambient noise for undisturbed listening</li><li>Wireless with CD sound quality (Bluetooth aptX) </li><li>Denon’s control wheel and integrated microphone for full control of iPhone, iPad and other Bluetooth devices</li><li>Integrated amplifier</li><li>Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours listening enjoyment (USB charging cable included)</li><li>Cable included for listening to music in passive mode</li><li>Denon’s pentagonal-shaped ear pads with memory foam for comfortable fit</li><li>Two-axis ear cup articulation for a perfect fit</li><li>Flat folding design for convenient packing</li><li>Leather travel case with karabiner</li><li>Cable and airline adapter included for in-flight use</li><li>Denon’s Travel smartphone application for productivity on the go</li></ul></div></div><div class="col_3 S_100"> <hgroup class="f30 c_White marB20 MS_noTMar"> <h4 class="ff_77 c_PremiumBlue">Denon Travel</h4> <h5 class="ff_45 c_Black">Smartphone Application</h5> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><ul class="ul ul1"><li>Denon’s Travel smartphone application, available for iPhone, iPad, or Android phones enhances the listening experience of the frequent travel</li><li>Allows you to load frequently-used travel apps for easy access</li><li>Better quality audio player with instant playlist creation capability</li><li>Ability to create, save and share custom EQ curves </li><li>Choose a myriad of EQ presets</li><li>Update your Facebook or Twitter status about the music you like with a touch of a button</li></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>UK/AH-NCW500 User manual|4392#UK/AH-NCW500 Product Information Sheet|4391#eTVFat0NvIaVumuE|Text|On Ear|1|1#VEiepqmGQhpXkoqi|Text|40 mm|1|2#oA2KWWS8MMfjhqX4|Text|Y|1|3#r72CnYbsrgJmf5Ut|Text|Y|1|4#HzzhX8wE25UiAKa9|Text|Silver/Black|1|5#ee8PzdngU21jzgHb|Text|Ear Piece Controls|1|6#qeFOy5SenlISZorB|Text|Denon Travel|1|7#MYVQ491yOAdNJuNl|Text|Y|1|8#gjgSLry2xBMumKDN|Text|Glass Fiber Reinforced Mold|1|9#N9D53xecJbSgoiid|Text|N/A|1|10#nbYZLAnl0E8OvaSs|Text|Fold Flat|1|11#zVHUtA3AeJAKWKpY|Text|Y|1|12#IFiIt04UeYoKA2hW|Text|Carry Case, Airline Cable Adapter, Detachable Cable, USB Cable, Karabiner|1|13#0