AH-D510RAH-D510R"Mobile Elite" On-Ear Headphones with 3-Button Remote + Mic​



AH-D510RAH-D510R<div class="ExternalClass3EF2C011B02942549D5F9E709AF3B160"><div id="features" class="section bg_white "><div class="wrapInner"><div class="row- marT30 marB30"><div class="col_6 M_100 "> <hgroup class="marT25 marB25 MS_noTMar"> </hgroup> <div class="lH24"><p>The AH-D510R on-ear headphone has a 3-button remote controller and mic that not only let you control music functions for your iPhone® such as Play/Pause, Forward, Rewind, or volume, but you can also use them to answer an incoming call or end the call. This model further features several Denon technologies designed for high sound quality, including the Acoustic Optimizer for superior acoustic effects, Hybrid Metal Housing made of an aluminum alloy and resin material to absorb vibration and preserve sound quality.</p></div><div class="lH24"><ul class="ul ul1"><li>Acoustic Optimiser and 42 mm driver for clear, dynamic sound.</li><li>Hybrid Metal Housing (machined aluminum alloy + resin material), to suppress vibration and give you clear sound</li><li>New ear pads for more comfort</li><li>Excellent sound quality proved by Denon technologies</li><li>Contour fitting headband</li><li>1.3 m length cable</li><li>Straight type plug with aluminum cover for luxury cosmetic design</li></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div>UK/AH-D510R Product Information Sheet|4389#0