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  • SC-M37


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Micro Hi-Fi DAB+ System​
  • New Micro Component System gives you clean dramatic sound, and more life to iPod and iPhone music libraries
  • New Features
  • Digitally transmitted play function for iPod and iPhone (via USB) for best sound quality
  • DAB+
  • Easy timer setting
  • Easy-to-use remote control handset
  • Denon audio technology
  • UK sound-tuned serious hi-fi quality
  • “Simple & Straight” circuit design for sound purity and free of coloration
  • 30 W x 2 high power output
  • Triple noise reduction design to preserve signal purity: Short signal path, to optimise performance in sound quality / Thorough separation of digital and analog sections / Precision signal ground circuit, to preserve signal purity
  • Smooth, dramatic sound with negligible distortion
  • Robust power circuit providing stable supply of electric current
  • Denon SC-M37 speakers ... inheriting Denon’s CX concepts and technology: D.D.L. cone with ventilation hole / High definition tweeter with ventilation hole / Crossover network, to reproduces the smoothness of natural sound
  • Portable Player Connectivity
  • Versatile connection environment for enjoying music from various portable players (analogue front mini jack, USB input with iPod/iPhone support)
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Enjoy premium sound in your home office, bedroom, or any other room
  • Two-lines front display, to easily identify music tracks or broadcast stations
  • Large speaker terminals, to accommodate ultra-thick cables that preserve high sound quality
  • Colour Variations (CD receiver / speaker)
  • Black / Black
  • Silver / Black
  • Silver / Cherry