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Denon Remote App

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Control App for iOS

Version 3.0 Main Feature

• Single Page Multi Zone Control Screen for AV Receivers
• Assignable Home Screen Shortcut Buttons
• Fast Thumbnail Browsing for Network Music File Playback (*1)
• Playlist management for Network Music File Playback (Create/Edit/Delete)
• Frequency Direct FM Tuning with New ’13 Series Models
• Fast Internet Radio Browsing with New ’13 Series Models (*1)
• Volume Limit Setting with New ’13 Series Models
• New DENON Blu-ray Player Control when paired with New ’13 Series AVR and Blu-ray Models (*2)
• Photo Slideshow Transition Adjustment
• AVR and Multi Zone Renaming Capability
• Simple Home Screen Help Display
• Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Polish) (*3)

*1. During fast network browsing, the AVR GUI and Remote App display may be temporarily out of sync.
*2. An HDMI connection between the AVR and Blu-ray player is required.
*3. The OS language setting is automatically detected; when not available, English is selected.