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21 Nov, 2014

The Denon Envaya has gone Mini!

20 Nov, 2014

Introducing the Denon AVR-X7200W!

10 Nov, 2014

Introducing the CEOL N9 and the CEOL Piccolo N4!

05 Nov, 2014

Watch Now: HEOS 7 Product Video

03 Nov, 2014

Cashback for free music streaming of your choice will all Denon CEOLS

29 Oct, 2014

Watch Now: HEOS 3 Product Video!

20 Oct, 2014

Watch Now: HEOS 5 Product Video!

17 Oct, 2014

Watch Now: DHT T110 Video

16 Oct, 2014

Denon AVR-X5200W and AVR-X4100W to feature Auro-3D® multi dimensional sound!

14 Oct, 2014

Introducing the Denon DA-10!

07 Oct, 2014

Denon Envaya named Test Winner by T3!

02 Oct, 2014

Win a Denon Envaya Bluetooth Speaker!

Its Competition time!

19 Sep, 2014

Get 60 Days of Spotify Premium with HEOS and 90 Days to be amazed!

16 Sep, 2014

The CEOL Carino Wins 5 Stars from BBC Music.

04 Sep, 2014

20% off your second purchase of HEOS by Denon

01 Sep, 2014

Denon invites you to try HEOS for 90 Days Risk Free

28 Aug, 2014

DA-300USB recieves "Outstanding Product" Award from Hi-Fi News

21 Aug, 2014

Watch Now: HEOS by Denon Video

14 Aug, 2014

Watch now: X5200W and AVR X4100W Videos

13 Aug, 2014



31 Jul, 2014

Watch Now: X1100W amd X2100W Videos

Watch Now!

23 Jul, 2014

Welcome X5200 and X4100

18 Jul, 2014

Introducing the Amazing HEOS by Denon

23 Jun, 2014

Denon Unveils New AV Receivers for Dolby Atmos Sound.

The Denon AVR-X4100W and AVR-X5200W which are expected to be available in September will deliver award-winning Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound and will be the first Denon AVRs to feature Dolby Atmos.

06 Jun, 2014

Introducing the CEOL Carino Desktop Music System

Free your computer sound. Small sound systems. Great experience.

15 May, 2014

Denon Launches new X-series


The Definition of Wireless Entertainment.

12 May, 2014

DA-300 USB recieves 4 Stars from What Hi-Fi

The Denon DA-300 USB has been awarded 4 Stars in the What Hi-Fi Digital to Analogue Converters Test. 

16 Apr, 2014



19 Mar, 2014

AH-D600 5 Stars from Roundreviews

The Denon AH-D600s have received 5 Stars from Roundreviews and another amazing review.

10 Mar, 2014

DHT-T100 4.5 Stars from Pocket Lint

The DHT-T100 received 4.5 out of 5 stars in a recent review.

06 Mar, 2014

DA-300 USB T3 Best DAC to buy 2014

The Denon DA-300 USB has been included in the T3 "Best DAC to buy 2014"

17 Feb, 2014

AVR X4000 recieved "Recommended" from AV Forums

AVR X4000 recieved "Recommended" from AV Forums

11 Feb, 2014

Cocoon Steam is "The One to Buy" - Q Magazine.

The Cocoon Stream received another stamp of approval and tops all the tests in Q Magazine.

06 Feb, 2014

CEOL Gold Award

The CEOL has received the yet another award!

31 Jan, 2014

X4000 - What the Experts Say

The X4000 has won some amazing awards.

30 Jan, 2014

Cocoon Stream becomes Test Winner and recieves 5 Stars

The Cocoon Stream has not only been received 5 Stars from T3 Magazine but is also the Test Winner.

22 Jan, 2014

CEOL Piccolo - 5 Stars from MacUser

MacUser has awarded the CEOL Piccolo 5 Stars

08 Jan, 2014

Denon Sound Bar win 5 Stars from Stuff

Denon Sound Bar win 5 Stars from Stuff

07 Jan, 2014

AH-D340 T3 Test Winner

AH-D340 are the T3 Test Winner

06 Jan, 2014

AVR-4520 AV Forums "Product of the Year"

Denon AVR - 4520 receives "Product of the Year" in "Best AV Receivers of 2013" from AV Forums

06 Jan, 2014

DHT-T100 recieves 9/10 from GQ

DHT-T100 recieves 9/10 from GQ

23 Dec, 2013

Merry Christmas from Denon

Merry Christmas from Denon

23 Dec, 2013

X4000 recieves Best Buy from HCC

Denon X4000 received "Best Buy" from Home Cinema Choice

16 Dec, 2013

DHT-T100 recieves "Recommended" award from Trusted Reviews

The DHT-T100 received the highly recognised "Recommended" award from Trusted Reviews

29 Nov, 2013

Ceol Piccolo shortlisted in Stuff Gadget Awards 2013

Ceol Piccolo shortlisted in Stuff Gadget Awards 2013

23 Oct, 2013

Denon and Peugeot team up to Drive the Sound

Denon and Peugeot team up to Drive the Sound

17 Oct, 2013

Denon D-M39DAB wins What Hi Fi award

Denon D-M39DAB wins What Hi Fi award

17 Oct, 2013

Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 - What Hi Fi Award Winner

Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 - What Hi Fi Award Winner

15 Oct, 2013

The Gadget Show - Huey Morgan loves Piccolo

The Gadget Show - Huey Morgan loves Piccolo

27 Sep, 2013

X4000 remains Xcellent

AVR X4000 remains Xcellent as Home Cinema Choice awards it "Best Buy"

27 Sep, 2013

X2000 Group Test Winner

Home Cinema Choice also awarded the AVR X2000 a "Group Test Winner"

"High-quality graphic user interface..."

27 Sep, 2013

AH D600 What Hi Fi 4 Star

What Hi-Fi Award AH D600 4 Stars in November Headphones Round Up

13 Sep, 2013

Ray Dolby

We at Denon were deeply saddened to hear that Ray Dolby, surround-sound pioneer and creator of his eponymous audio company, passed away at his home in California on 12 September 2013, age 80.


Mr Dolby’s work utterly reshaped the audio landscape both for cinema audiences and those with home hi-fi set-ups. Some of his best-known successes were to reduce the hiss in cassette recordings - via the famous B and C noise reduction systems - as well as bringing the soundtrack of sci-fi blockbusters, such as Star Wars to life. The latter involved the creation of surround sound technologies for cinema theatres, and this soon benefited those in the home. Codecs such as Pro Logic and Dolby Digital completely revolutionised the way we experienced movies.


Mr Dolby will be missed but his spirit, passion and his outstanding contribution to the world of music and movies, lives on in our homes through almost every Denon's audio visual product.

28 Aug, 2013

Ceol Piccolo gets Computer Shopper 5 Star Best Buy Award

Computer Shopper Verdict: This sleek, easy-to-use streaming music system is the perfect mini hi-fi for the modern home.

30 Jun, 2013

Denon Piccolo sounding good despite size!

Leading technology website gives glowing review for the Denon Piccolo!

30 Jun, 2013

Denon AVR-X2000 5 star award winner in What HiFi magazine ( August 2013 issue )

Denon continues a fresh new range of products with the new AVR-X2000 being awarded 5 stars by What HiFi magazine ( August Edition ).

27 Jun, 2013

"Denon AH-D600s headphones sound quality second to none!"

Android Magazine issue 16 awards the Denon AH-D600 headphones Editors choice 5 star award.

27 Jun, 2013

Denon AH-D340 headphones are the Editors choice for iCreate magazine

The Denon AH-D340 headphones have been awarded the Editors choice along with best value in issue in the May Edition of iCreate magazine.

26 May, 2013

Denon upgrades its Cocoon Wireless Music Systems with a unique feature set

Denon is offering current and future owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable Wireless Music System an extensive feature upgrade. The firmware upgrade is available for free to owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable through the built-in update assistant. A step by step YouTube video shows how to upgrade the Wireless Music Systems in no time: Watch the video.

18 Apr, 2013

"Denon AH-D340 and AH-D321 headphones offer high-end audio thrills for the smartphone generation."

Leading tech website Pocket-Lint covers Denon's AH-D340 and AH-D321 headphones.

09 Apr, 2013

The CEOL Piccolo continues to impress.

The world’s best-selling classical magazine has awarded the Denon CEOL Piccolo a stunning five star review and the coveted 'BBC Music Choice' award in its latest issue (May 2013).

09 Apr, 2013

Five out of five for the AH-D600s.

Last weekend, the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine awarded the Denon AH-D600 headphones a full five star rating (April 2013).

01 Apr, 2013

Denon has unveiled three Home Cinema Receivers from the brand new X Series.

Denon's AVR-X2000, AVR-X1000 and AVR-500 are taken from the next level of 3D AV Receivers.

27 Mar, 2013

Denon AH-D600s receive the CNET Editors' Choice award (March 2013).

Influential tech website, CNET has published a fantastic review of the Denon AH-D600 headphones, culminating in the Editors' Choice award.

24 Mar, 2013

Royal Republic are the latest fans of the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable.

Following their support for the Denon Headphone range, Royal Republic have become the latest fans of the Cocoon series.

18 Mar, 2013

Denon's AH-D7100 over-ear headphones feature on T3 Gadget Website (March 2013)

The Denon AH-D7100s have claimed the top spot in T3's 'Best over-ear headphones to buy 2013' feature.

19 Feb, 2013

The CEOL Piccolo features in What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine (March 2013)

Following the success of the CEOL Piccolo on their website, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision has also printed a fantastic five star review of the Denon Micro System in the latest edition of their magazine.

19 Feb, 2013

Denon's AH-C560R headphones receive full marks.

iPad & iPhone User magazine has awarded the Denon AH-C560Rs a fantastic 5 star rating in their March 2013 issue.

14 Feb, 2013

The Denon AVR-4520 "looks smart and has a real premium feel" in What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine (March 2013).

Denon's top-of-the-range AV receiver has received a fantastic review in the March issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine.

08 Feb, 2013

NEW Ceol Piccolo N8 recieved Trusted Reviews "Recommended" award

Trusted Reviews - a top gadget magazine have awarded the New Ceol Piccolo N8 their coveted "Recommended" Award.

05 Feb, 2013

Home Cinema Choice magazine awards the Denon AVR-4520 with the 'Best Buy' and 'Reference Status' logos in fantastic five star review.

Richard Stevenson has published an in-depth four page review of Denon's flagship AV Receiver in the latest issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine (March 2013).

27 Jan, 2013

"Put simply, a Piccolo plus Spotify equals a superb listening experience."

The Denon CEOL Piccolo has recieved a five star review on the What Hi-Fi? website (January 2013).

16 Jan, 2013

Denon's flagship home cinema receiver features in Stuff magazine (February 2013).

The Denon AVR-4520 makes a special appearence in the world's most popular gadget magazine.

15 Jan, 2013

Denon's D-F109DAB is 'Product of the Month' in the latest issue of Gramophone magazine (January 2013).

"You're unlikely to be disappointed" by the D-F109 DAB in Andrew Everard's 'Product of the Month' review.

14 Jan, 2013

Denon PMA-720AE "sounds strong and confident" in Stereo Amplifiers Group Test (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, February 2013).

The Denon PMA-720AE is praised for its "excellent build and finish; snappy and energetic timing; taut bass and clear highs" in the latest issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine.

03 Jan, 2013

The Ceol Piccolo receives a fantastic five star rating and a Group Test Win in the February issue of T3 magazine.

The Denon Ceol Piccolo is a "multi-format mini marvel at a brilliant price" in the latest edition of T3 magazine.

02 Jan, 2013

Denon's AH-D600 headphones receive the Pocket-Lint 'Hot Product' award (Dec 2012).

Pocket-Lint has published a stunning review of Denon's AH-D600 headphones, culminating in the coveted "Hot Product" award.

10 Dec, 2012

Denon's DBT-3313UD and AVR-3313 are a "deadly duo" in Home Cinema Choice magazine (Jan 2013).

Home Cinema Choice has printed a fantastic four page review of the Denon DBT-3313UD and AVR-3313, culminating in a Best Buy rating for the Blu-ray/AVR combo.

04 Dec, 2012

Denon's AH-D400 headphones make an appearence on the Gadget Show.

The all new Gadget Show features Denon's Urban Raver headphones in their recent Christmas episode.

02 Dec, 2012

Denon adds two more high performance in-ear models to existing headphone line up.

Denon has added two new high performance in-ear models to its existing lineup of lifestyle-orientated headphones.

26 Nov, 2012

Denon's AVR-2313 is awarded with AVForums Recommended Award (November 2012)

Steve Withers of AVForums has written a fantastic review on Denon's brand new mid-range receiver, the AVR-2313.

04 Nov, 2012

The Denon AVR-1713 is "a true entertainer" according to Trusted Reviews (Nov 2012).

The Denon AVR-1713 has received a fantastic write up on the online review site - Trusted Reviews. This newcomer is described as "an impressive AV receiver from the audio giant, mixing an attractive feature set with powerful, polished performance at a decent price."

23 Oct, 2012

Denon micro systems are still the ones to beat according to What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2012.

Denon has been the boss of the micro system market for many years and it would seem this legacy is set to continue as D-M39DAB is awarded "Best Micro System" in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2012.

22 Oct, 2012

Denon's PMA-720AE and DCD-720AE receive Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award.

Denon's new PMA-720AE CD Player and DCD-720AE amplifier prove they "are more than just a blissed aesthetic pairing" in the current issue of Hi Fi Choice.

17 Oct, 2012

Denon 4520 with Audyssey Redefines Top-Tier AVRs

The AVR market, like everything else in our technologically advanced world, is speeding forward. You have to be ahead of the curve or risk playing catch-up. Since MultEQ revolutionized home audio correction, we’ve seen the advent of HD, Blu-ray, surround-sound up-mixing and streaming. Keeping up is hard. The Denon AVR-4520CI not only packs the state-of-the-art specs you’re looking for, but also a few brand new technologies you’ve never seen.

07 Oct, 2012

Introducing Denon's answer to modern music entertainment - the new CEOL.

Based on the phenomenal success of last year's CEOL (N-7), the new CEOL (N-8) is born to work the network.

30 Sep, 2012

Denon Cocoon Portable receives prestigous red dot design award.

Seeing off competition from over 4500 international designs, the Denon Cocoon Portable has received the red dot design award in the Entertainment Technology category 2012.

24 Sep, 2012

Five stars for the Denon D-M39DAB in first Test Review (November 2012).

The newly launched Denon D-M39DAB has received a fantastic five star rating in What Hi-Fi magazine (November 2012).

20 Sep, 2012

Meet Denon's new flagship stereo duo.

The PMA-2020AE and DCD-2020AE are the latest models to be introduced to the Denon range. Both sum up all of the engineers dedication and know-how within their beautifully shaped bodies.

18 Sep, 2012

The new CEOL Piccolo is Denon's biggest small thing of the year.

Built on the success of last year's CEOL Denon introduces the CEOL Piccolo network music sytem featuring Internet Radio, AirPlay and Spotify.

16 Sep, 2012

Meet the new leader of the Denon AVR range - the AVR-4520.

Denon has introduced the AVR-4520 9.2 channel flagship AV Receiver with an unprecedented level of expandability, networking options and internet connectivity.

05 Sep, 2012

Denon has announced a new and exciting partnership with leading digital music service, Spotify.

Listening to old favourites or exploring new tunes is now easier than ever before as Denon and Spotify join forces, opening up a new horizon of high-quality listening pleasure.

30 Aug, 2012

Denon launches a premium-class Blu-ray Transporter for the most demanding home theatre enthusiasts

Denon is proud to introduce the brand new DBT-3313UD, a premium-class 3D Blu-ray Transporter with uncompromising quality and incredible versatility.

20 Aug, 2012

Denon Headphones Europe are on Facebook

To mark the introduction of our newest line of lifestyle headphones, we have launched the Official Denon Headphones Europe page on Facebook.

07 Aug, 2012

Get the best impression with our new 360° animations

See the complete AVR 13 series, DBT-1713UD, D-F109 and D-M39 in 360° animation.

06 Aug, 2012

“Denon's […] headphones will put your Beats to shame” (

“Think your trendy Beats by Dr Dre are the epitome of audio quality? "

05 Aug, 2012

New Denon D-F109DAB Network Mini System offers incredible sound, nearly unlimited music sources and unique connectivity

Denon is upgrading the much-loved D-F107DAB Mini HiFi System.

31 Jul, 2012

Feel the music like never before with Denon’s new headphones line-up!

The latest range of Denon headphones consists of an astonishing 11 models. Although this may seem like quite a lot to digest, these have been divided into four new product sub-categories, specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of four groups of discerning music lovers.

24 Jul, 2012

More choices. More mobility. More fun. Cocoon is here!

The wait is over! We can finally reveal all on our new products for this year! Two speaker docks not only offering the ease of listening to music, but also re-defining modern music streaming.

18 Jul, 2012

The AV-ART video is the latest addition to the Official Denon YouTube Channel – feat. the brand new AVR-3313 and DBT-3313UD.

The AVR-3313 7.2 Channel Integrated Network AV Receiver is the heart and brain of today’s home entertainment system. With even more functions and less buttons than ever before, its metal front panel and flip-down door ensure controls and connections are hidden when not in use, making it a stately addition to any home theatre system.

17 Jul, 2012

Denon is expanding into the speaker docks market with the exciting new "Cocoon" series – made to touch all senses.

This summer the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable will be introduced to the speaker docks market and are set to re-define modern music streaming. Although not first to the market, Denon is the first in creating a true reference product with a unique design, a full set of clever features, intuitive control and incredible sound quality, turning the speaker dock into a full modern media system solution. The Cocoon brings music to life and invites everybody to be a part of the future.

16 May, 2012

Denon newcomers, the PMA-520AE and DCD-520AE look set to follow in the award winning footsteps of their predecessors.

The newly introduced PMA-520AE Integrated Amplifier and DCD-520AE CD Player make an impressive duo and look set to raise the standards once again, creating a bench mark for all other stereo components at this price point. Both the PMA-520AE and DCD-520AE incorporate the best genes of their highly successful predecessors with the latest technological innovations to ensure enhanced sound quality, greater ease of use and lower power consumption than ever before.

15 May, 2012

Enjoy your entire disc library in exceptional sound and picture quality with the latest, Denon DBT-1713UD

With the new Denon DBT-1713UD Blu-ray disc player you can enjoy not only Blu-ray discs and DVDs in stunning sound and picture quality, but Super Audio CDs and DVD-audio discs too. And that’s not all, the DBT-1713UD can also play music and video files stored on a PC, allowing you to enjoy online content also.

17 Apr, 2012

Top trade title recognises Denon excellence

The Denon DBP2012 claims Best Blu-Ray Player and receives a gold medal award in the Awards 2012 edition of top UK trade magazine, Sound Vision Install (SVI).

10 Apr, 2012

Two Denon receivers nominated in the Home Cinema Choice Awards 2012.

Denon has been nominated in not one, but two categories in this years Home Cinema Choice Awards. The AVR-1912 has been named as one of three finalists in the 'Best AV receiver/amplifier under £750' category, while the AVR-3312 joins a select trio in 'Best AV receiver/amplifier £750-£1500' category.

03 Apr, 2012

Our free AirPlay upgrade has been continued indefinitely.

We are pleased to announce that the free AirPlay upgrade for all our AirPlay compatible products has been permenantly extended. This upgrade enables streaming of iTunes music libraries from a computer - as well as directly from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - to multiple Denon AirPlay compatible products.

13 Mar, 2012

Denon's DBP-2012UD receives a fantastic five star verdict, claiming top spot in the Blu-ray Player group test (What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, April 2012).

The Denon DBP-2012UD has been crowned winner of the Blu-ray Player group test in the latest edition of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine (April 2012). Not only has it beat the competition, it has also been awarded a fantastic five star rating to match.

12 Feb, 2012

Ceol Noir claims 'Twin Test Winner' award in the latest issue of Tap! magazine (Issue 13)

The Denon Ceol Noir continues with its winning streak, this time claiming Tap! magazine's 'Twin Test Winner' award (Issue 13).

31 Jan, 2012

Denon to attend the Bristol Show 2012.

We can now confirm that Denon will be in attendance at this years Bristol Show. This is the UK's largest hi-fi and home cinema show and will take place from Friday 24th - Sunday 26th February at the Marriott City Centre Hotel, Bristol.

30 Jan, 2012

DBP2012UD claims T3's audiophile Blu-ray Player of Choice.

Denon's DBP2012UD has received the highest score in T3's most recent Blu-ray Player test, being crowned as the magazine's audiophile Blu-ray Player of Choice.

30 Jan, 2012

Denon Ceol features in 'The Ultimate Tech Collection.' T3 Magazine (March, 2012).

The latest issue of T3 Magazine sees the Denon Ceol appear in the '200 Greatest Gadgets Ever' feature - compiled to help celebrate T3's 200th issue.

23 Jan, 2012

Ceol Noir receives a fantastic review on the Register Hardware tech website, claiming the 'Recommended' award.

The recent article on Register Hardware tech website - 'Top Ten Mini Hi-Fi Systems' features the Denon Ceol Noir, describing this multi-award winner as "glossy to look at and gorgeous to listen to."

19 Jan, 2012

Five star award for Denon AH-D510 headphones in Apps Magazine.

The latest issue of Apps Magazine has printed a glowing review of the Denon AH-D510 headphones, culminating in a five star award.

19 Dec, 2011

The Denon Ceol closes 2011 as Top Dog in the T3 Buying Guide

The Denon Ceol has claimed the number one position in the 'Home Audio' section of the T3 Buying Guide, being awarded a fantastic five star rating to match.

19 Dec, 2011

Even more great praise for the Ceol in Metro newspaper.

The Denon Ceol has been featured in the Metro 'Technology Gift Guide'.

12 Dec, 2011

Ceol claims yet another fantastic five star review.

The latest edition of Stuff magazine has printed a superb five star review of the Ceol. This article is not short of praise for this Denon heavyweight, stating that the Ceol "reproduces music with real weight and fluidity." Stuff (Jan 2012).

06 Dec, 2011

Apps magazine awards Denon's AH-D2000 headphones a group test win and a five star rating.

In the latest issue of Apps magazine, Denon's AH-D2000 headphones have been awarded a fantastic five star verdict and a group test win.

05 Dec, 2011

AH-D1100 headphones recieve a superb 5 star review in iCreate magazine.

The latest issue of iCreate magazine marks more great coverage for Denon's AH-D1100 headphones, culminating in a perfect 5 star rating.

20 Nov, 2011

AVR-3312 named as Home Cinema Choice Best Buy (Jan 2012)

The AVR-3312 is following in the highly successful footsteps of its predecessor, the AVR-3311. The January issue of Home Cinema Choice has named this latest receiver as their Best Buy in a sparkling product review.

10 Nov, 2011

Stuff Magazine awards the Denon DBP-2012UD a five star review (Dec 2011)

The Denon DBP-2012UD has been included in Stuff Magazine's latest Blu-ray players feature. Looking the part on page, the Denon machine claims a five star review plus 'Best for Quality.'

24 Oct, 2011

Denon DBP-2012UD reigns victorious at What Hi-Fi? awards 2011.

The Denon DBP-2012UD wins best Blu-ray player £300+ in the latest What Hi-Fi awards.

24 Oct, 2011

Another What Hi-Fi? win for the Denon D-M38DAB.

The Denon D-M38DAB has been crowned best microsystem up to £400 in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision awards 2011.

16 Oct, 2011

Check out the latest addition to the Denon Europe Official Channel on YouTube

An exiting new AirPlay video has been launched on Denon Europe's Official Channel on YouTube.

03 Oct, 2011

Free AirPlay upgrade available for a limited time only.

From now until the end of this year (31/12/2011) new and existing owners of our AirPlay upgradeable products can get their AirPlay upgrade for free.

02 Oct, 2011

Five stars, Group Test win and Best Buy award from the Sunday Times for Denon's AH-C560R in-ear headphones

The Sunday Times InGear section hands the AH-C560R headphones five stars, a Group Test win and a coveted Best Buy award.

27 Sep, 2011

Denon to attend Manchester Show

We can now confirm that Denon will be in attendance at this years Manchester Home Entertainment Show. This is one of the UK's largest and best Hi-Fi, home cinema and technology shows and will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October in the Renaissance Hotel, Manchester. You will find us in the Holbein Lobby.

21 Sep, 2011

Denon DBP-2012UD recommended in What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine

The Denon DBP-2012UD receives more glowing coverage in the world’s leading home cinema & hi-fi magazine.

19 Sep, 2011

Announcing launch of the AVR-2312 to complete Denon’s 2011 line-up

Combining Denon’s trademark superior sound quality with new generation features the AVR-2312 emphasizes “right out of the box” ease-of-use with a new, simplified setup system.

13 Sep, 2011

AVR-1312 ''An excellent choice'' says Computer Shopper.

The Denon AVR-1312 receives more terrific review coverage, this time in Computer Shopper magazine. The review culminates in five stars, plus the magazine's 'Budget Buy' gong!! (Nov 2011 edition)

06 Sep, 2011

Win That Royal Feeling!!

Crown your year with exclusive Denon Headphones and Royal Meet & Greets! Enter an experience full of Rock & Royal

06 Sep, 2011

The New Network Audio Player DNP-720AE Is Here!

Unlock the power of network for your existing Hi-Fi-system: the new network audio player DNP-720AE is the key to enjoying all network benefits with your beloved stereo system. Read more..

30 Aug, 2011

Denon 2011/2012 Catalogue now available

The Denon 2011/2012 Catalogue is now available on our website. This can be downloaded from the "Downloads" Section of our website under "Catalogue Order". This includes our full range of consumer products.

24 Aug, 2011

Worth the wait - YouTube streaming as easy as watching TV...

Denon makes YouTube streaming as easy as watching TV by supporting YouTube Leanback

22 Aug, 2011

AVR -1312 Claims 5 Star Review!

'A fantastic entry-level amplifier' Expert Reviews / Computer Shopper (August 2011) reviews the Denon AVR-1312

21 Aug, 2011

D-M38DAB claims What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Budget Micro Systems Test Win!

The Denon D-M38DAB is a jaw-dropping budget buy, with drive and excitement’ What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision (Oct 2011)

21 Aug, 2011

What Hi-Fi? says CEOL is 'a stellar machine' worth 5 Stars!

‘This Denon, certainly, is a stellar machine and worth every one of its five stars’ What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision (Oct 2011)

21 Aug, 2011

A fantastic 5 stars for the DBP-2012UD!!

‘Denon delivers Blu-ray stunner to take on all comers’ What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision (Oct 2011)

21 Aug, 2011

Ceol Claims T3 Group Test Win!!

''Denon's network music system is a fully realised, next-gen, super system.'' T3 (Oct 2011)

15 Aug, 2011

Audio-licious HD DBP-2012UD receives 5 out of 5 for performance!!

Denon DBP-2012UD features in Home Cinema Choice Sept 2011 issue, stating it ''delivers silky music playback with beautifully crisp high frequencies, robust bottom end and a tight midrange.'' They continue to describe it as ''built like vin diesel and boasts high-grade internal electronics that aim to deliver superior performance to the mass.'' Therefore it is no surprise as to why the DBP-2012UD received 5 out of 5 for performance.

26 Jul, 2011

Denon 3D Edition Upgrade AVC-A1HDA / AVP-A1HDA

It’s Official! Denon will be offering a unique upgrade to our flagship A/V Surround components. Regrister now.

17 Jul, 2011

Be the first in the know!

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14 Jun, 2011

Denon Ceol - We need your vote for T3 gadget awards!

The Denon Ceol has been voted for the categories "Gadget of the year" and "Music gadget of the year" in the T3 Gadget awards. Help us make this a double success by voting for it. Click read for the link...

08 May, 2011

AVR4311 Wins Best Receiver/ Amplifier in Home Cinema Choice Awards 2011

AVR4311 fought off immense competition to lift the coveted Best Receiver/ Amplifier in category £1,000 - £2,000. HCC remark ''in this price range there's a multitude of high-quality AVR's, but none impressed as much as Denon's.''

21 Mar, 2011

Denon AVR-4311 wins best buy!!

Our flagship AVR-4311 has been awarded Home Cinema Choice Best Buy ( May 2011 Issue ). “The AVR-4311 is a new amplifier, completely redesigned internally and bristling with features that allow it to boldly go where no AV receiver has gone before.” The review finished on a very positive note stating “get down to your dealer today and demand a demo – and take your credit card…..”

10 Mar, 2011

Ceol gets 5 star award from Stuff Magazine April issue

The worlds best selling gadget magazine “Stuff” has awarded the Denon Ceol (RCD-N7) with 5 full dazzling stars in its April 2011 issue. Against 4 other manufacturers, Stuff magazines review editor commented “When it comes to technology the Ceol walks the test. For less than half the price of the Naim Unitiqute you get a system that will please all but the most demanding ears, along with seamless, wireless streaming from iThings and integration with on-demand music services. It’s truly a micro system fit for 2011!” Whatever way you want to pronounce it we have to agree that it’s a pretty “Ceol” review

31 Jan, 2011

Last but certainly not least, Ceol Airplay upgrade is now available!!

Airplay is now available for the Ceol, AVR-4311, AVR-3311, AVR-A100!! please see link for further details -

31 Jan, 2011

Denon superior noise cancelling heaphones AH-NC800 win 5 stars!!

The AH-NC800 was recently awarded 5 stars by both iCreate magazine and it's sister publication Apps.

17 Jan, 2011

AirPlay has landed!!

Denon upgrade for AirPlay music streaming is now available. This feature upgrade allows users to easily stream music from their iTunes collections - as well as directly from their compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to their Denon components with just the tap of a finger. The upgrade is available for purchase to owners of three existing Denon AV receivers the AVR-4311, AVR-3311 and the companys 100th Anniversary product collection model AVR-A100 through for £39. The Ceol upgrade will follow starting end of January.

21 Dec, 2010

AirPlay upgrade date confirmed for Denon Audio Video Receivers!

The hugely anticipated AirPlay upgrade will go live on 6th January 2011 for Denon AVR-3311/4311/A100 models.

06 Dec, 2010


DenonUK launches social media campaign We have launched a fantastic Facebook page allowing fans to get up to the minute information FAST! Become a fan and you could be in with the chance of owning up to £500 worth of Denon Kit. This includes a pair of AH-C600 noise cancelling headphones along with the highly acclaimed D-M38 Microsystem. Watch our latest videos on YouTube at or follow our every ‘tweet’ on twitter Never before could a Denon fan get this close and personal, so come on, join in and see what all the fuss is about!

15 Nov, 2010

Denon DCD-1510AE is "Highly Commended".

Hi-Fi News & Record Review magazine delivers a superb ‘Highly Commended’ verdict to the ‘muscular’ sounding and looking Denon DCD-1510AE. Joining its Marantz cousin on the verdict page, the Denon sees off rivals from the likes of Roksan and Naim. (December 2010 issue)

24 Oct, 2010

Denon PMA-1510AE HI-i-Fi Choice Winner 2010

Previously described as producing a very smooth and refined sound- Detailed and crisp, yet well balanced and clean. The PMA 1510 has come to the forefront against worthy competitors in winning the "Integrated" category of the BEST amplifier awards in Hi-Fi Choice Magazine Awards Issue. "The 1510AE won us over with a clean and immediate sonic performance, coupled with a power output that is up to the task of driving virtually any speaker it is likely to encounter. For the price it also enjoys excellent fit and finish and an extensive feature set, including bypassable tone controls and a good quality MM/MC phono stage. A worthy winner".

07 Oct, 2010

Denon will offer their first AV Receivers with AirPlay Music Streaming

Denon will offer AirPlay music streaming capability via feature upgrade on four network-capable audio/video components in its line-up.

26 Sep, 2010

Use the new Denon Remote App for controlling the AVR-3311, easy and comfortable via iPod Touch or iPhone

From now on using the AVR-3311 will be even more easy and convenient. Using our new free of charge Denon Remote App, which you can download in the App Store, you can control all functions of the AVR-3311. Whether you want to adjust the volume or change options deep in the setup menu, the Denon Remote App always offers exactly the interface you really need.

14 Sep, 2010

Experience the new Denon website!

Just in time with our 100th anniversary, Denon offers you a whole new online experience. Browse through our brand new website with lots of features and more fun.

31 Aug, 2010

Denon RCD-M38DAB Micro Hi-Fi system gets awarded 5 stars in What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision magazine September review.

The D-M-38DAB has been awarded 5 stars by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine. After the predecessor being such an award winner many people have anticipated the arrival of the RCD-M38DAB which seemingly has not disappointed.

15 Jun, 2010

New anniversary microsite online

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Denon today launched a brand new microsite. Experience our legacy of product and technological firsts, our passion and our leadership, and preview our special-edition anniversary product collection. Become a part of the online anniversary festivities under

09 May, 2010

Denon Launch Microsite

The long anticipated Cara S5BD Microsite was officially launched last week. Be one of the first to view this at either of the following links:

26 Apr, 2010

Legacy of Firsts: Denon celebrates 100 years of passion for audio

In 1910, in Japan, Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai (Japan Recorders Corporation) was established by an American trader named Frederick Whitney Horn. Along with Japanese partners, he released the company’s first products: a single disc record and gramophone.

21 Mar, 2010

Denon completes their new stereo line-up

Denon completes their new stereo line-up with high-performance PMA-1510AE and DCD-1510AE stereo combination. The PMA-1510AE integrated amplifier features a newly developed construction with strictly selected parts for high sound quality.

17 Mar, 2010

AVR-4810 and DBP-4010 in Home Cinema Choice

Top UK audio-visual monthly Home Cinema Choice delivers stunning coverage to the AVR-4810/DBP-4010UD duo.

12 Mar, 2010

Feature upgrade for AVR-3310

To emphasize the future-ready expandability of our AV products, Denon offers a feature upgrade for the AVR-3310.

10 Feb, 2010

360° of perfection: CARA by Denon

We introduce the CARA, a single-component home entertainment solution that elegantly combines an audiophile grade 5.1-channel surround sound receiver with an advanced Blu-ray player.

04 Feb, 2010

Home Cinema Choice 5 Stars for Denon DVD-A1UD

The flagship DVD-A1UD surpasses its rivals with infinite power and grace. Positioned at the very summit of contemporary, high-end Blu-Ray, the DVD-A1UD has been bestowed with a review from Home Cinema Choice magazine laden with superlatives.

02 Feb, 2010

BBC Music Choice 5 Stars for Denon D-F107+

The brand new, multi-function HiFi Mini component system, the D-F107+, has been exalted with a glowing review in the latest BBC Music Choice magazine.

04 Jan, 2010

AVR-4310 on Trusted Reviews

TrustedReviews, by far and away the biggest online UK technology review site gives the AVR-4310 a wonderful “9 out of 10” write-up, with a coveted Trusted Reviews ‘Recommended’ award.